Dr Damien Lloyd and Dr Raj de Silva are highly skilled and experienced in the treatment of complicated dental problems.

Both attended local high schools and returned to Newcastle after completing their dental degrees from the University of Sydney.

They have completed hundred of hours of post graduate training and practised in the Newcastle region since graduating in 1996.

As many patients of Newcastle Sleep Dental have delayed their dental treatment due to fear, our dentists are comfortable in the management of large and complicated dental cases.

Patients are most impressed by their approachable nature and honesty.

Since 2012 they have placed more than 1500 crowns and 500 veneers. All crowns and veneers placed by Newcastle Sleep Dental were made in Australia.

Patients should be aware that with the advent digital technology many dentist in Australia use overseas based dental laboratories . Newcastle Sleep Dental uses dental laboratories located in Kotara and Hamilton to make all their crowns and veneers.

Additionally, Dr Damien Lloyd has placed over 2000 dental implants and extracted over 25,000 wisdom teeth.

Patients can be rest assured that their dental need will be well and truly looked after by these excellent and experienced clinicians.

“Friendly, Professional, Trustworthy, down to earth, knowledgeable and I trusted his judgment.”

“Great service and I felt comfortable with his treatment”

“The information provided by Damian before and during the procedure was excellent and the procedure went well. My recovery has had no ill effects and I have been able to return to normal within 24 hours of the procedure.”

“Excellent service, as well as being thorough, I felt very confident dealing with him and felt he had my best interests at the forefront of his mind when making assessments and recommendations”

“Dr Lloyd was wonderful. He genuinely cares about his patients and explains procedures etc very clearly. I would highly recommend him to people”

“To Doctor Damian, Thanks for looking after my wisdom teeth surgery. You made it a much less scary incident than I had anticipated”

“I have been “desperate” in pain and anxious. Since 2009 I have consulted numerous oral surgeons, hospital, dentists and specialists and Damian clarified and expeditiously organized all my treatment and dental care fixing all but one tooth that we are currently treating. I cannot express that Damian is a very special dentist”

“To Damian, Thanks you so much for your kindness and for being such a wonderful surgeon”

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