For anxious and nervous patients

Putting your dental fears to sleep

Sleep Dental is the most advanced form of dental sedation.  Newcastle Sleep Dental Centre uses a specialist anaesthetist to administer a combination of sedative and pain relieving drugs, given intravenously, to create a profoundly peaceful and dream like sense of sedation to ensure the dental experience is relaxing and comfortable.

Sleep dental is also known as sedation dental, conscious sedation, twilight sedation or intravenous sedation.

In addition to Sleep Dental, Newcastle Sleep Dental offers treatment under a full general anaesthetic at Lingard Hospital.

Our main goal on all range of sedation is to provide patients with a pain free comfortable dental experience.

Let Newcastle Sleep Dental put your dental fears to sleep.

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A Full Range of Dental Services

Our highly experienced specialist medical anaesthetist can provide a wide range of sedation options to put your dental fears to sleep.

Dental Implants

Newcastle Dental can comfortably replace missing teeth with the most permanent option available.
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Newcastle Sleep Dental can remove all or some of your teeth quickly and painlessly in order to restore your mouth with dentures.
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Wisdom Teeth

Newcastle Sleep Dental is a first class dental facility focusing on the management of wisdom teeth.
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General Dental

Sleep Dental is also available for nervous patients who need Fillings, Cleans, Simple Extractions, Root Canal Treatment, Gum Surgery, Apicectomy and more.
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Newcastle Sleep Dental Team

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