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18 Frederick St, Charlestown

Sleep Dental

Sleep Dental is the most advanced form of dental sedation, putting your fears to sleep.


Dr Lloyd

Damian has been the regular dental surgeon for our Sleep Dental Team at Charlestown Dental for the last eight years


Wisdom Teeth

Newcastle Sleep Dental is a first class dental facility focusing on the management of wisdom teeth.


Dental Implants

Newcastle Dental can comfortably replace missing teeth with the most permanent option available



At Newcastle Sleep Dental patient safety is our primary concern with a specialist anaesthetist to perform our sedation.


Dental Fees

Newcastle Sleep Dental offer fees that are very reasonable for the excellent service we provide.



What is Sleep Dental?

Patient safety and comfort is our primary concern. Newcastle Sleep Dental utilise the skills of highly experienced specialist medical anaesthetist to deliver our range of sedation options to put your dental fears to sleep.

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