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Dental Fees.

Newcastle Sleep Dental offer fees that are very reasonable for the excellent service we provide.

We realise that costs of dental treatment are an important part of your decision to undergo a procedure.

We feel it is more important that your dentist has the necessary training, experience and facilities to provide you with a high quality service.

Newcastle Sleep Dental, are happy to provide an estimate of our fees on our website, as we know that they are very reasonable for the excellent service we provide.

  • Initial Consultation/ Examination (Item # 014, #011): $40-95
  • Surgical Extraction: (Item# 314,323,324) $540-600
  • Simple Extraction: ( Item #311) $295
  • Dental Crowns and Veneers ( Item # 613,615,618,556) $ 1650-1950
  • Dental Implant: $5500 per unit
  • Mini Dental Implants (for holding in dentures): $850 per unit.
  • Dental Locators (normal sized implants for holding in dentures) 2250 per unit

All crowns and veneers are made in Australia by local dental laboratories.

If your treatment is to be performed under IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry), there is an additional fee of between $675-$775, depending on the length of the procedure.

If your treatment is performed under General Anaesthesia at Linguard Private Hospital additional fees apply.

Hospital Costs depend on whether you have private health insurance. If you have private health cover most funds will fully cover the cost of the hospital stay ($1100).

Additionally, for general anaesthetic procedures, there will be a bill from the anaesthetist. Medicare (and some private health funds) will cover part of this bill, however there will usually be a gap of $200-$400 that you will need to fund.

Newcastle Sleep Dental accepts co-payments from all private health funds.

All crowns and veneers are made in Australia by local Newcastle dental technicians.

Following our initial examination all patients receive a written fully itemised quotation for all dental fees and hospital fees.

For more information on fees and private health insurance or to make an appointment for your first step towards your new smile, please contact Newcastle Sleep Dental.


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